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Our services

We offer complex service called “MAXIMUM EVOLUTION” to you.

Everything begins with consultation in the field of sport car purchase of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. We are able to prepare a tailor-made offer of a sport car, find the specific car and buy it right in Japan and transport to the Czech Republic.

Every car we bring for our custormes goes to a complex check and service enclosed with invoices from partner service Sportargarage. We are able to provide supplies of original parts, usual service, car adjustment and preparation of the car for motorsport. We gained experience in rally, racing circuits, and preparation of cars for Nürburgring driving. We can adjust the right-sided steering models of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution into European left-sided steering.

The relationship with our customer is long-term and continues with a usual car service, driving lessons or participation in experience events organized by our company including supervised driving in circuits or frozen areas in the Alps.